Birch House Publishing creates and manages custom ecourses for Instagram influencers who want to generate passive income online.


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Birch House works closely with our influencers via an onboarding questionnaire and strategy call to design their course outline. This includes reviewing the tools and platforms you use, your favorite social media tips, monetization methods and more. Essentially this is a brain storm session where we review and list the main strategies you’ve used to make your brand successful.



After we’ve created a rough outline of topics, we go to work for you to design in-depth tutorials and content that your followers will love. We also put a special touch on the content by adding your “voice” to the course. We do this by reviewing your social media platforms and using terms, greetings or words often used by you.

To ensure that your course offers great value to your followers, we make sure to dive deep into each facet of the outline we create together. For instance, you might use a specific automation tool to schedule your posts. We will create a written guide of that tool, including the links to the most recent FAQs, user Facebook groups and more.

In addition to the text content of your course, we design several cheat sheets, checklists or fact sheets that will be in the format of downloadable PDFs. These PDFs will be on-brand, using colors and styles that compliment or match your current branding or style.


Throughout the duration of creating your course, we will send over our written course content for you to approve. You are welcome to make changes, request additions, etc. This allows you to make sure that the content and feel of the course is up to your standards – but without all the busy work that comes with creating a course!


After you’ve approved your course content, we create a custom website where your followers will be able to purchase your course and log-in to access it any time. Our platform features custom coupon codes so that you can offer special deals to your followers. Your course will have a custom URL and custom course email address (!) so students can receive automated welcome emails and receipt of purchase.


Hooray! It's time to launch your course. As an influencer, your expertise is engaging and connecting with your audience and recommending products that you love. It's YOUR time to shine!

We recomend a quarterly launch schedule (with the option for you to host random flash sales in between). This launch usually means your course will be half off for 5 days and then go up in price. This is an industry best practice and encourages your followers to buy quickly.

We typically advise our influencers to publish stories or lives for 5 days leading up to their course launch (sharing their story, about the course, FAQ, etc.), with a flash sale coupon offered the day of launch to encourage their followers to buy their course.


The most beautiful thing about our service is that it doesn't cost our influencers a penny to get started! That's right. No risk! No money spent on website creation, graphic design, copy writing, virtual assistants, site maintenance, customer service, eCommerce/payment management, etc.

We operate on a 50/50 revenue share model. We create and manage your course, and split the earnings with you so you have a TRULY passive income source.

We manage customer service emails, refund requests, password change requests and all other troubleshooting that comes along with managing a course/website/customers. We also monitor your course content, including links and updates to any mentioned platforms or tools. Between launches, we may also update your content based on frequently asked questions from your students.

We manage the busy work so you can focus on doing the things you REALLY love!


Download the Q&A pdf guide below and get in touch if you have any further questions.